Friday, June 14, 2013

Making a radio programme

I've been working on the radio programme I intend to broadcast on, which will feature my extractions from past work.

Regular readers of this blog will know that this concept has featured in various postgraduate applications of mine.

It's been a lengthy process, with virtually all the artists I've produced over the last eight years coming under inspection.  The choice of which songs, and which elements within those songs should be highlighted, has been based purely on what works best.  Ideally, I'm looking to reveal a whole new piece of music that lies beneath the existing arrangement.  This means the more spartan projects have yielded less rewarding results than heavily produced records.

I plan to have a 'reveal' of the song in its original form after playing each extraction, as well as a brief spoken synopsis on how some of the effects were achieved.

A preview of a recent extraction follows below:

In the meantime, continues to broadcast a challenging and eclectic range of audio:  check them out.