Thursday, August 29, 2013

Front porch as a reverb chamber

Spaces have always been important to me.  They change the way things sound, and they affect the musicians who perform in them, often in ways too subtle to detect.

The overdubs for Future Loss' fourth record have been worked upon daily.  The old Colerabbey facility still has plenty of magic left in the tank:  the front porch is our preferred reverb chamber at present.

Dreams from the last two nights' sleep revealed secret floors, music departments, aircraft hangars and drum kits with double snare drums (one with the snare on, the other with it off) still to be discovered in this most conducive of buildings.

I've been putting the piano through vocal effects pedals, and bass amps, and hanging microphones from the ceiling set on high gain, often all at the same time.

Brian has dusted off his metallic purple GRUNGE pedal, last used in 1998, for the cavernous My Exegesis lead guitar.