Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Future Loss LP4 session carried out during heatwave

Future Loss convened last night to track three more songs for their next release.

Songs attempted included Last Year's Fashions, This War A Bad Copy and A B Start Select.  The humidity in the room was cruel, but we soldiered through and got the takes.

I've refined the recording technique in the Off Quays space down to a fine art now:  the bass and vocals are DI'd into the desk, the drums are given a rudimentary mic set up (with the overhead cardioid mics positioned very low over the cymbals), and the guitar strongly baffled to prevent the drums bleeding into its channel.

This approach allows for live recording, with maximum cohesion between the players' parts, while at the same time ensuring almost complete isolation between stems.  Further embellishments can then be added at a later stage by Brian and me.  Results at this early stage can be heard below.