Monday, 2 November 2015

My Attorney release LP4: Tech Support

After four and a half years lost in the wilderness, My Attorney's fourth studio album is now complete.

It comes after three concerted periods of work.  The first, in February of 2011, is described in the liner notes from the Bandcamp page, an extract of which is below:

An ambitious plan to record a record in a remote cottage in Hebden Bridge was conceived and organised by Ian. Off we all went, with four cars of gear, bags of shopping and sea salt to wash ourselves with. What elapsed out in the country was a... strange set of events. It snowed outside. The fire wouldn't light. The guitars kept going sharp during takes because the house was so cold. There weren't enough beds because much of the living and sleeping spaces were occupied by racks of gear. The bass amp lived in the bathroom. Many chopped vegetables were put in a small saucepan, and Sophie put oranges in Ian's mouth and then photographed him. We all came back and quietly promised never to do anything like that again.

After this, there was another burst of activity around the summer of 2013, when it became clear that I would not be in Newcastle for much longer.  After my departure in July of that year, I returned throughout the autumn to capture the final guitar overdubs, while completing my own vocals back in Portrush.

The mixing of the record would prove arduous, taking up two weeks around Easter 2014, with further sessions in October and December of the same year.  Final tweaks and mastering were carried out in April 2015.  Only in the last week have I finally allowed myself to stop fiddling with some very fine mixing points, and send the record out into the ether.

The liner notes continue:

For a band whose story has always been told via studio releases that fell far out-of-sync with the lives of its authors, Tech Support is no exception. It captures the band at a very specific point in its evolution, just as they began to understand how to write and record within their expanded line-up. Later recordings would see Attorney move away from song-based writing, towards a more open-ended Krautrock experimentalism. However this record stands as a succinct take on the band's "weird pop" mission statement they held so dear.