Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Grilly remixes My Attorney & Steve: From Fragment song 'Chino Necker'

Chino Necker was a song improvised on guitar during a Steve:  From Fragment session in summer 2006.  The bassless, post-rock arrangement was tracked later that year, becoming one of the first things committed to the newly digitised set up at Colerabbey Studios, rather than the old multitrack MiniDisc arrangement.

This recording would see the light of day on This Is Closure, Ex Libris Records' compilation of unreleased material, that also perversely doubled as a Greatest Hits collection.

The song was then adapted by its author, Andy Warmington, to be played on bass guitar.  It went into the My Attorney LP 3 blender for eight years and finished up appearing on The Art School Method, sounding like this:

My Attorney would later rework the song for live consumption, via their refreshed, four-man line up.  This version saw its way on to the (currently in progress) fourth album.

It was at this point that Grilly picked up the baton - and this is where you should start paying close attention - and began remixing the piece using stem files from both the The Art School Method version and the Steve:  From Fragment recording.

The results are gorgeous... the elements Grilly added to proceedings (notably the free wheeling electric guitar and synth line, as well as the outro lead line that has me saying "now why didn't I think of that?") improve the song to the point that I could almost do without hearing any of the original bits.

It's not the first time Grilly has remixed My Attorney, or for that matter Ex Libris Records, material.  Check out more of his work via his compilation record That Page You Made:

In fact, just save yourself the trouble, and download everything he's done.  You'll live an altogether better life for it.  Start with his newest album, the vocals for which I tracked in the Church back in 2011: