Monday, 22 July 2013

Guitar overdubs on My Attorney's 'Defrib'

Guitar overdubs on My Attorney's 'Defrib' were completed on Saturday evening.

They were achieved in a very civilised manner:  at home, with a cooling breeze coming through the window and plenty of Orange Fanta on hand.  A far cry from the sweltering heat of the rehearsal space that has hosted the rhythm section recordings of late.

It also allowed Andy and me to take an almost academic approach to the various takes he played:  away from the clutter and distraction of a full-band recording set up, we were able to scrutinise guitar tunings, pedal settings, amp tones and mic placements with far greater dexterity than had it been conducted in the melee of a group session.  I was able to take notes, and keep things organised - minimising the amount of file admin I'll have to do when it comes to mixing.  These details may sound trivial, but they actually make a huge difference to the quality of the material recorded.  This approach is much closer to how Andy and I worked on the guitar parts for MA LP2/3; with multiple takes yielding a wide variety of textures and parts that already have me excited about how the finished piece will now sound.  They've given the track the potential to transcend its live, four-piece origins into something more subtle and sophisticated.

An extraction of some of the overdubs follows below.