Thursday, 11 October 2012

July 2011

I remember this period of time as becoming increasingly strained, but in a productive way.  There were so many bands to record, so many people to visit, so many things that I had committed to.  It generated this state of high activity; though in the background there was still the bare truth that my day job prevented me from finishing any of the music that was being herded onto my hard disk.

Blue Screem Of Death had by this point matured from a less-than-serious outfit that we indulged Luke in, to a bone fide progressive unit of startlingly original material.  The smirk with which the initial sessions had been conducted - many years prior on Sunday afternoons, swilling £7 ~ £12 bottles of wine in the spare room of Twelve Whitby and barely able to play - had now morphed into furious concentration.  We had all improved within our various roles just enough to approximate competency, and bent our limitations to our own advantage:  our sound was defined by us embracing our failings as musicians.

The show in London, and acquisition of the Church, had therefore galvanised us to track this raft of material before it evaporated.  Ryan was shipped over, the various materials assembled, and we gave it our best shot.

Below is over an hour of footage from the proceedings on the second day.  I had considered editing the beast down, so that all our witty repartee, knowing looks to one another and earnest musicianship would shine through untrammeled.  However to do such a thing would require skill, time and patience...  Instead I offer up this gross piece of boring, indulgent footage and suggest you carry out your own editing, by randomly selecting ten second bursts from the whole thing and see if it brings you entertainment. It probably won't.  But you can try.