Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2014

I was tasked with writing a soundtrack for a short film, for people in the media industry of London.  The film was shot by a cameraman friend of mine, who managed to get me the gig.  I was grateful for the distraction.  I needed something to take my mind off my studies and endless night shifts.

It also granted me a brief insight into the world of East End media; which appears to be very similar to what I’ve witnessed in fashion and advertising.  Lots of talking.  Not a lot of specifics.  A lot of people who are good at making contacts, and doing things technically well, but the industry as a whole lacks the creative spark to do anything interesting or soulful.  You wonder how people make their real money, since everything seems to be done for free.  We got taken to a strip club one night, as part of the wrap party.  And there was also the opportunity to see some of the submissions for the London Short Film Festival.  I had to buy my own ticket to see our entry.  That’s how the Biz works when you’re down near the bottom.

The experience of working to a brief, and editing the arrangement to the cuts of the film was really refreshing.  I enjoyed the process a lot, and it was interesting to see how short films get made, and speak with the directors, producers and technicians who work behind the scenes.  I don't think anything really became of it, though.  Everyone was working for free, hoping it might look good on their showreels when they hawked for future work.

Despite everybody being very complimentary about my soundtrack, I wasn't so sure.  I think what they were looking for was more of a Cliff Martinez-vibe, and my submission was rather dour.  But perhaps that was because I composed it while sleeping on a floor above a pub, with a fungal skin infection by being exposed to too much bleach.