Monday, May 16, 2016

February 2015

I had been asked to compose another soundtrack for the same director of the previous short film I had worked on.  But after hearing my sketches, they decided to go with someone else.  

To be honest, I was relieved.  Working to a brief had been a fun challenge the first time, but I was becoming more clear about how I needed to continue with music in the future, and this wasn't really compatible with it.

The film in question was about Frankenstein’s monster who lives above a kebab shop, and eats an American tourist played by the large captain from the first episode of Red Dwarf.  It had a long section where the large man walked about an empty attic, then he was attacked by a Boris Karloff-lookalike.  In the end he was turned into kebab meat.

I later tracked down the Facebook profile of the chap who they preferred over me, and it was the usual thing:  a man with a beard and an unpronounceable surname, hitting exotic African percussion in a meaningful way and maintaining an intimidating social media presence.

But the demos from this aborted brief still remain; and they'll see the light of day in some form or other.