Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Future Loss - live @ The Cumberland Arms, 30/01/10.

Probably best summarised by the first thing Brian said to me as we came off stage: "If I never play another gig, then it's okay."

It felt as though five years' worth of Carlsberg 5am frustration had fueled this fifteen minute apoplexy, in a sudden release that left us feeling calm and momentarily complete.

Began the show tripping up over myself as I flailed into the front row, turned to see Brian bashing his guitar to pieces. In keeping with our scrupulous rehearsals, we made very few mistakes. Amazing, when you consider the Irish Sea divided the band until just last Tuesday.

The set ended in wave upon wave of distortion and noise, whereupon I threw the Kaoss Pad around wildly as Brian spiked his guitar into the stage before hammering it on the top of his amplifier.

Alex and James were exceptional down in the engine room; and with the amplified drums the sound off the stage was tremendous. We now look forward to our next show with real hunger to push things further.

(Photos courtesy of Jazzy Lemon.)