Thursday, 9 June 2016

An album commentary for the Grilly record 'On Benefit'

Grilly and I had the opportunity last week to meet in a noisy Camden park, and geek out over his seminal 2006 release 'On Benefit'.  

It is an album that I cannot overstate the importance of in my own path to becoming a producer.  The bold and inventive sound design was matched by brilliant melodies, which twisted and turned throughout the record to create a record of true dynamism and diversity.  

In short, it is one of my all-time favourite records, ever, and was a major motivation for starting Ex Libris Records.

You can hear Grilly talking about his inspirations and processes behind making this very special record.

Unfortunately, my dictaphone didn't pick up Grilly's speech at a particularly audible level - partly because I was balancing the mic on a park bench along with my (rather loud) bluetooth speaker / iPhone combo; so you will have to strain in parts to hear what he's saying.  Bear with it, however, as it does get better as the recording progresses.  Perhaps it's fitting that a commentary track should be as lo-fi as its subject matter?

Don't forget that the record itself is available for download at Grilly's Bandcamp.