Thursday, 5 November 2015

Future Loss release the other half of their LP4 double-album: 'Summoner'

From the same space as 'Pattern Magic', comes the concluding part of Future Loss' recordings from the end of the Newcastle era.

If one was to ask me what the band was about in 2013, then I would have pointed them to a track off this disc.  It seems to cover all the bases:  live cuts, rehearsal demos and studio takes... all wrapped up with a piano piece as a ribbon.

Despite feeling a little like ancient history to us both, Brian and I are very proud of it.

Whether you listen to both 'Pattern Magic' and this one back-to-back is up to you.  For us, it felt too much to swallow at once.  We have short attention spans, and with outros this long - one has to break up the flow a little.