Thursday, 10 October 2013

September into October, this time with My Attorney

While the majority of my focus has been working on the Future Loss record, in the background there have been several sessions concentrating on the My Attorney material.

MA have two records in gestation at once.  There's LP4, begun way back in 2011, in an isolated cottage near Haydon Bridge, which features most of the songs the band played live as a four-piece, that leant heavily towards descriptions such as "carefully arranged" and "melodic".

Then there's LP5, which comprises of the rich seam of material composed and rehearsed after the band took the decision to withdraw from real life, such was real life's indifference to their efforts.  These pieces grasp for adjectives such as "sprawling", "Kraut" and "linear".

Recent sessions have concentrated on the LP4 stuff, with Andy visiting Colerabbey to lay down guitar and trumpet, with me following up this meeting with a visit to Newcastle for further six string parts.  It also allowed me to visit my drummer's nuptials.


Another visit to Newcastle next month will see the full band in action to record more rhythm tracks, this time for LP5.

Offered up below are the most recent parts, devoid of the context they were played along to, all happening at once, to baffle the listener as much as possible.