Friday, 6 September 2013

Nes Advantage make back catalogue available online

If there was a band that typified the Heath Robinson, broken down experimentalism of the early Ex Libris days, then it was Nes Advantage.  Their strong adherence to capturing moments of improvisation and spontaneity, and then having the gall to declare those versions as the finished article, was a bold declaration of the label's taste in the eclectic and strange.

Naturally, events overtook Ex Libris, and much of the label's efforts were directed towards releasing straight up folk and indie records that carried with them a far more polished sound.  The Nes back catalogue was therefore neglected in favour of these overriding interests, and available only to friends of the group as a series of hand crafted CD-Rs.

Despite their relative obscurity, the shadow cast by Nes over the Libris repertoire is a long one.  The group's activities marked a clear demarcation point for Ryan and Andrew, as they left behind the conventional sounds of their respective school bands Litmist and Pond, and struck out in search of all things noisy, unlistenable and peculiar.  The experimentation conducted under the Nes banner would resurface again and again in their later projects for the label:  Ryan's collaborative efforts with Aaron McMullan, his genre-bending RHF solo albums, the pair's involvement with Blue Screem Of Death's minimalist bass-driven sound, and Andrew's production style employed on numerous records, that always lent towards the use of unusual textures and unorthodox recording techniques.

Therefore please enjoy, and perhaps wince, to the sound of Nes plugging broken PC speakers into effects pedals, banging sets of house keys against fret boards and snapping the necks of guitars into carpets, in this full digital discography available at  All releases come with full sleeve notes and artwork.