Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Dream Circuit episode #3 now available

Episode #3 Playlist: 

Fields & Mountains - Rebecca Jones 
Daisy Chained Pianos - Future Loss 
Hello Sailor - Girls Girls Girls 
Grey Riff - My Attorney 
MC Look Over Your Shoulder - Blue Screem Of Death 
Lorraine - Milky Wimpshake 
Amen Brother - My Attorney 
Salvador Dali [atg vocal mx] - Ian Courtney 
Thank You For The Music - Girls Girls Girls 
St. James Infirmary Blues - Rebecca Jones 
Real Time - Future Loss 
Patchwork - MIlky Wimpshake 
Cistine Chapel - Girls Girls Girls 
Of You, Somewhere - Rebecca Jones 
And The Credits Roll - My Attorney 

• • • 

First broadcast on Basic FM, during July 2013. 

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