Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Attorney LPV - Blizzard Storm rhythm tracks

My Attorney are embarking on the recording of their fifth album, having not yet finished their fourth one.

The idea is to record rhythm tracks for seven songs that have featured in their live set since January, within the next two weeks.  This will form the backbone of Electrical Spells.

Then a combined push on vocals, guitar overdubs and various treatments on both LPV and LPIV will be conducted at once.

An accompanying bonus disc of edited rehearsal material, along with a live album, is also in the works.

These planned releases underline both the band's prolificacy, and it's faintly ridiculous approach to actually finishing records.

It would be nice to think that at some not-to-distant point in the future, the band could launch their five albums simultaneously, in the upstairs room of Newcastle's Jazz Cafe, playing a selection of songs from all five discs.

Last night saw the group convene for a run through of Blizzard Storm, a song that paradoxically will appear on both albums, in radically different forms.  The heat in the room was virtually intolerable.  However, we got the take.

See below for notes on the various additions - sketched out in various demos from rehearsal - that are due to be added.