Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Future Loss - live @ Morden Tower, Friday 17th May 2013

The launch of Future Loss' three albums on tape cassette was marked by an intimate show at Morden Tower

It's a truly unique venue, comprising of a fortified tower that forms part of the Newcastle City - and by extension Hadrian's - walls.  Access to it is via steep stone steps that lead up from a rat-infested back alleyway.

The venue has played host to both spoken word and musical gatherings over the last fifty years, including readings from Alan Ginsberg and Ted Hughes.  My personal favourite was a night by Les Cox (Sportifs) and The Country Teasers, that had the audience wedged in like sardines.  Regular readers of this blog might also recall that I tracked Cath & Phil Tyler's sophomore album here too.

It therefore felt highly appropriate that Future Loss should release their arcane sonic artefacts in a venue steeped with such history.  The fairy lights and lamps created a cosy atmosphere as dusk set in, with Brian's visuals being projected onto one of the side walls.

Cath Tyler was there too, this time playing as part of Fret! who were truly mesmerising.  

Hapsburg Braganza - the monicker for an old College friend of mine Phil Begg - was also transfixing; with both acts occupying opposite places in the volume spectrum.

Our own performance perhaps betrayed the long day of lifting and carrying equipment; I personally was disappointed with my own contribution, though the other three lads more than compensated.  

Putting on shows and being expected to perform at the same time is a hazardous task: it's very difficult to do one without it affecting the quality of the other.  

Still, a very special evening.  Thanks to all of those who played, and Cat for doing the door.