Monday, 4 March 2013

Various thinges

I seem to be inbetween various things, none of which are completed, all of which are important.

•  Finishing Ian's album; due for its final review this Thursday, after a very productive meeting on Saturday past.

•  Planning a Libris review show on Saturday 20th April 2013, with Blue Screem Of Death performing with alumni from the label.  Depending on who can make it, the show could feature Aaron McMullan, Grilly, Nes Advantage, Rebecca Jones, My Attorney, Future Loss and Adam Schofield.  Perhaps as a farewell to the institution, perhaps as a continued celebration of something so often nebulous and sporadic in my life, perhaps just as an excuse for a party with friends that I haven't seen in too long.

•  Pushing Future Loss duties, including:

- rehearsing set for Die! Die! Die! show on March 28th
- making sleeves for the other two tape releases
- finishing the fourth collection of songs recorded in December
- sending emails and/or physical copies of our music to festivals, promoters, journalists, radio stations, blogs and artists/bands we admire
- pushing for more gigs locally / Paris / Berlin / London / Ballybogey
- continue the Future Loss Two idea, of Brian and I making a racket as a duo
- t-shirts
- compiling a live CD and a rehearsal tapes CD, and putting on Bandcamp
- launch gig of some sort, maybe

•  Finishing 'This Is Closure', currently being mastered and uploaded on Bandcamp.

•  Revamping my portfolio site.

•  Establishing a comprehensive Ex Libris online archive of the (loosely termed) "catalogue".

•  Finishing the My Attorney, Pond and other outstanding recordings in various states of completion, contained in the studio archives.

•  Tackling the challenge of obtaining more industry work.

Amidst all of this, the three bands continue to rehearse and write.  See below for the latest workings on Blizzard Storm by My Attorney: