Monday, 11 March 2013

The Ballad Of Smiley's Devil - blip1

Long memories may recall a session I did for Chronicity five years ago.  It yielded some of the best music I've produced; as well as marking my entry into the world of full-band, live recording.

From those sessions came an experimental remix, cobbled together late at night, which has sat untended until today.  While I should have been finishing off lots of more important things, the iPod shuffle feature threw a rough mix of the song back into my path this afternoon... and naturally I got sidetracked into finishing it.

It includes samples from the band's The Ballad Of The Gliding Swan (itself a loose cover of an unrecorded Bob Dylan lyric), as well as an unidentified chord sequence from Chronicity guitarist Pete Dale's side project Milky Wimpshake, from their album My Funny Social Crime.

There's also a rather spectacular sample from an early Oprah recording, featuring a mentally ill woman.  I feel rather sorry for the way in which the show crowbarred her story into a shlock feature:  it betrays none of the grandeur that now surrounds America's top entertainer.  But the audio snippet stuck, and so it stays in.

My own accompanying vocal takes some dialogue from Alec Guinness' masterful TV show Smiley's People, as well as some very fragmented sounds in the background.  I think I was trying out putting the Casio CA-20 through the Kaoss Pad around this time, combining a mixture of Logic-driven effects with hardware performances.  These techniques would later feature on parts of My Attorney's From Our Own Correspondent.

The blip is below; expect the full version to appear on the DJ IBM PC-COMPATIBLE album, which will collect together all my remixes/distortions of former clients' work.

Now back to the advertised programme:  finishing Ian's record, some Future Loss Two sketching with Brian and mastering This Is Closure.