Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pond, Die!, Poly & Loss

Singing vocals to a song composed fifteen years ago, and coming away from it in shock at how much the emotion catches up with you, is quite an experience.  Work on Pond is now in its final stages:

• • •

Carried out some very long-overdue perusal of my drummer's blog - which he established eighteen months ago in reaction to my aversion to listening to music.

It's been a real pleasure to rifle through Stuart's tastes and obsessions; while all the time posting replies in the comments section that I hope he will find interesting in return.

• • •

A booking has been made for a forthcoming Future Loss show, supporting New Zealand punk trio Die! Die Die!  It will be an honour to host a band that have been in such heavy rotation over the years.

Rehearsals have begun for the show - sited at this new Newcastle venue - that should not only feature Vast Active-era material, but intense visual clips and loopings from Brian's recent film work.

More details on the gig here.  It's worth checking out our other support band, Lunn Poly - who take the warehouse ambience of their makeshift studio, and cross it with all the juicy Fall-esque influences that work perfectly.

• • •

Oh, and a nice word from Ian MacKaye after my most recent correspondence: