Monday, 25 February 2013

IFC LPII snag notes & VO dabbling

I'm into the final mixing stages with Ian on his second record.

This is usually the point in mixing an album when hours of work suddenly materialise out of nowhere.  A synth line is required, unexpectedly.  Or a treatment involving vocals going through a sampler multiple times.  Or something as simple - but time-consuming - as nudging instruments into time, will present itself out of the blue.

Only after these tweaks have been made can the mastering begin, demanding repeat listens on car stereos, kitchen hi-fis and headphones.

This record is really going to transcend its acoustic roots; not long to go now...

• • •

Aside from Ian Courtney album duties, I spent the morning doing some VO recording for a colleague.  Cue hard gating settings and a theatrical tone of voice.