Friday, 23 November 2012

Good production, as demonstrated by Arran Fisher

The link to Arran Fisher is a tenuous one:  while lost inside Bandcamp design several weeks ago, I stumbled upon an old Newcastle band called Minotaurs.  One learns, via glossy conferences with free sandwiches, that such accurate "tagging" of digital material is actually quite important.  Since Minotaurs had tagged their album under "Newcastle", they had popped up in a search I made for examples of well made Bandcamp pages from the local region.

The production of their music was quite superb.  So superb that I embarked on a hunt to track down the man responsible:  namely Arran Fisher.  His ethic on his Ascoutikitty production homepage was spot on:

Correspondence was therefore an inevitability:

Arran has has a new record out in early 2013 under his solo monicker of Ship Shape, and I strongly recommend you check out an early preview here.

His style of bruised, earthy sounds deployed in a tasteful, economic fashion, has reawakened my love for folk guitar, and the art of capturing an ambience.  Spaces, both their acoustics and atmospheres, seem to inform his work heavily... something that I reached for on McMullan's debut, perhaps at times a little heavy handedly; but looking to snare the ghosts buried in the walls nonetheless.