Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Future Loss Phase III

Barring an edit to the volume of the kick pedal in one of the songs, the audio to Vast Active is almost done.

Brian is busy working on the artwork as I type, which will feature not only on the digital sleeve, but be available for high resolution download with the package.

The release will document Phase III of the Future Loss catharsis project; which covers the most recent sessions of drone, noise and outro/outro/outro-based material.  

Much has been determined by the limitations of what we captured:  song arrangements were protracted, instruments sounds were murky, and any attempt to fiddle with those features seemed to place the work further from its roots.  So it's all been left in, along with a take that was meant to be a demo, but ended up being the finished version.  Therefore the disc runs to 45 minutes, a full album in its own right.  

A free download will arrive on the internet very shortly.  In the mean time, here's a obfuscated extract: