Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Continuing on a theme

Continuing on the theme of Getting Distracted By Things and also Finding Important Relics At The Back Of The Cupboard, I have crafted another Imperfect Document.

Behold The Long Wave is a 63 track compendium of odd adjuncts of sound, drawing together the blips often published on this blog, as well as unheard material.  A full and free download follows below.

Perhaps a drinking game of 'name that record' could be devised, whereby players attempt to identify the source of each increasingly strangulated sound.

Whilst compiling this, I thought hard about the blurred lines between Producer and Artist, and where true authorship lies.  It exists in a grey area that is neither exclusively tied to the person who recorded - and subsequently fiddled with - the original audio.  Nor is it solely attributable to the writers of the original pieces, since they have been changed so much.

The word I have chosen to use, in bringing these artifacts forward for public consumption, is "rendered".  Make of that what you will.