Friday, 12 October 2012

Winter 2011/12

In December we moved into our fairly cramped prison cell rehearsal space.

It is interesting to note that a room so functional in its design should have yielded so much fresh material.  More so than the Church.  My Attorney, Future Loss and Blue Screem have all written more songs in this room, than at any other time.  Perhaps because there is nowhere to hide in it, or any way of getting comfortable (it has poor ventilation and isn't heated) means that attention is focussed on the work at hand.

•  •  •

Girls Girls Girls visited once more on the 16th December for a mixing review.

January and February would see the bulk of their work mixed and completed, in a series of increasingly sleepless weekends.  Their album 'Here Come The Bastards' is available here.

The intrusion of the day job, as well as an increasingly busy life around it, had ground work on any musical projects - barring the weekly rehearsals of My Attorney and Blue Screem - to a halt.

•  •  •

My Attorney did however manage to play a show at The Bridge as part of Ian Courtney's benefit concert.  We supported The Soviets.  Debuted a new song called 'Your Affected Accent'.  Props once again to Ian for his excellent baking.

Airstrip One reprised their old material for the Saturday night show too.