Wednesday, 10 October 2012

May 2011

Six years ago, Andy and I began recording a follow up to My Attorney's Silver Bullet.

Since that summer, the location of recording has moved many times, the selection of songs grown, the textures and approaches to the production matured, and methods of recording become ever more varied and sophisticated.  The two-piece developed into a fully-formed band, that quickly evolved towards new compositions that bore little resemblance to the delicate fragments of LP2/3.

For most of that time, it didn't feel as though it would ever get finished.

May, however, saw a fevered, nocturnal race to the finish line, helped along by cans of Carlsberg which I would later come to refer to as "tap water".  When the audio was completed, the sense of relief was close to religious.  I remember boarding the bus to London, exhausted and wired, still in disbelief that it was done.

The sleeve notes, credits, artwork, and final mastering, not to mention its release, have yet to be completed.  But those are mere footnotes:  it sounds as good as it can, and of that Andy and I are very proud.

•  •  •

This month also saw a continuation of work on Ian Courtney's sophomore effort.