Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A peek inside the haunted cavern

In comparison to the recent stuff, initial Future Loss material sounds quite conventional.  However, around the skeletons of the traditional rock riffs that make up the songs, there are ambiences that hinted at what was to come.

Below is a soundboard extraction (from tapes that had to be baked in a kiln at sea level to ensure they didn't evaporate) of one such treatment, from a number called Real Time.

It's been weirdified via the following settings in case you're interested:

Despite the rather delicious digital manipulation that can be summoned up with a few mouse clicks, the source texture was a double tracked take of Brian's guitar feeding back in my staircase.  The human ear responds well to moving air, much more than it might to something that has never left the confines of a DAW.  Having this racket as a starting point allowed the second act of 'Real Time' to shine.  No inconvenience was spared in the capturing of this sound: