Tuesday, 8 June 2010

ATP curated by Pavement, Minehead, 14th - 16th May 2010.

ATP was the usual surreal mixture of holiday atmosphere, life-changing musical experiences, and impromptu meetings with one's artistic heroes. I had only been watching bands for half an hour before engaging Nigel Godrich in stilted conversation.

Wooden Ships deployed a hypnotic and necessary performance after underwhelming acts such as Broken Social Scene and Mission of Burma. Later, dancing and getting the driving out of the system.

Saturday was sunshine, beaches and breakfasts on the main street, followed by the most compelling set I've ever seen by Boris. Their mixture of Guitar Hero cut scenes and 80's hair metal references had been lost in translation, and then extrapolated to the nth degree. Their performance was dramatic, inspiring and physically overwhelming.

Pavement's performance was all about the beer, chips and the audience. They band was just the MacGuffin to get us all there, in the state we were in.

By Sunday, The Fall appeared to act as examples of how far you can go with a little courage and not much else besides.

Their third encore happened after almost everyone had left the main stage; the house lights were on and the tannoy music was playing, and then... suddenly Smith was back on stage for a frenetic Sparta FC. That's the first mosh pit I've been in for years..

Along the way were DJ sets by Stuart Braithwaite, free pints from Stuart Braithwaite, hugs from Bob Nastanovich and cameos from most of the Newcastle music scene. And the most far out adventures amongst the flower beds and tidal waves of Butlins. To be recommended.