Thursday, 29 April 2010

April 2010

My Attorney supports Darren Hayman from Hefner at the Star & Shadow Cinema on Sunday 2nd May 2010. In preparation for the show they played two gigs during April; one as a four piece with Alex Hall on drums at The Masked Ball, another supporting London laptronica band Toodar on the Newcastle leg of their tour. The latter date marked the first time the band performed as a five-piece, with Sophie Robinson joining the group on keys, percussion and vocals. Things are currently very much a work in progress; our songs have yet to sprout legs and walk unassisted. But the potential of where things could end up is exciting; which might be somewhere between John Hughes and David Lynch if either of them were ever to play in a pop band together.

This show also marked the second liver performance of Blue Screem of Death, and the first with their dizzy drummer. We felt that it was at least 50% okay, even if everything broke and the performance of Painkillers was the longest six minutes of our lives.

The Girls visited for a third time to track another three songs for their third studio album. The final session will be held in June. It was another hard working effort from the lads; recording commenced on Saturday morning at 8:30am and ran right through until the trumpet overdubs were done the following Sunday afternoon.

Aaron McMullan was in residence for a weekend to record a webcast and demo songs for his new album. The atmosphere in the rehearsal space was magic, as everyone from Shin Jin Rui to Blue Screem chipped in with their own performances, while Aaron curated a playlist that ranged from The Pogues to Crystal Castles, not to mention reading extracts from his novel and Dessie Murray YouTube clips. There were live previews of material that will make up his sophomore LP 'Angus', as well as an intense and crucial discussion about Jean Claude Van Damme. Below is a brief fragment from Sunday's demo sessions, where an unfinished scrap of a song is sketched out for future reference.

April also saw the completion of my Apple Certified Logic class, after sitting the beginners 101 session at the end of January. I was taught this time by John Moores, the most senior Logic trainer in Europe, and his off-topic explanations of some of the hidden features of Logic 9 were mind blowing.

The exam was sat after a steady five days researching the software at the Northern School of Sound music labs; I passed by the skin of my teeth in what has been the most challenging qualification I've ever undertaken, History BA (Hons) included. And far more useful too.