Friday, 26 February 2010

Girls Girls Girls LP3 - session #2.

Ex Libris' self-proclaimed Hardest Working Band™ arrived late on Friday evening for another intensive recording session.

I was keen to minimise the problems I had experienced with instrument bleed during the November meeting; and spent some time positioning the guitar amps away from the kit, and wrapping them in heavy carpet. Initial impressions from the playback suggests spill has been radically reduced.

Another massive improvement on the previous session was the presence of Adam Schofield's Fender valve amplifier, coupled with Jeremy Williams brand new SG electric guitar. I'm not usually a gear-fetishist, but these two pieces of equipment seemed to dovetail especially well, creating a really warm, distinctive tone.

Four new songs were tracked, complete with accordion, keys, vocals and piano overdubs. The Girls will visit again in April for another session.