Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nathalie Stern's 'Firetales' LP launch party.

In the first use of (an albeit legitimate) blag, I managed to wrangle my way into a sold out launch show for Nathalie's album under the auspices of being "The Producer". The man with the coily earpiece had nothing to which he could counter that claim, and I was allowed in. This sparked the idea that people should employ this excuse on a more regular basis whether true or not. Scene luminaries such as Peter Brewis from Field Music and Steve Jefferies from Warm Digits were not so lucky.

Miss Stern played a blinder; the venue was perfect for her material, and it marked the first time I was acknowledged in front of the general public as a producer... which made me feel embarrassingly happy in a teen movie wish fulfillment kinda way.

Album available here, with a BBC website interview here and a transcript of the Narc. article here.