Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Shin Jin Rui overdubs, 17th - 21st December '09.

Work on Shin Jin Rui's sophomore effort continues. The weirder the things we do with the Kaoss Pad and mic arrangements, the better the results seem to be upon playback. This has encouraged me to be a lot more experimental with guitar sounds on this record than in any of my other projects that I've worked on this year. It's refreshing to muck around with boxes, samplers and bass feedback again after previous sessions have demanded a more literal representation of what's coming out of the amp, and nothing more.

Two meetings were held this week, with the first at The Off Quays as the snow came down. I wasn't expecting Adam to do any vocals, so had neglected to bring a pop shield. I had to improvise with a sock and a bin liner, allowing him to nail the take to Quit Smoking.

The second session was at the Libris Gulag, with bass feedback, pitch shifted solos and an inspired piece of crow bar work from James Emsell, who is by far and away the best kept secret about the band. He's been in consistently spontaneous and inspired form since we started the project, often playing great takes in less than ideal conditions... with Adam and me crawling over his pedals, amps and Kaoss Pad changing settings mid take and twiddling knobs at random.

Tonight it was the turn of Lasso You to get the kitchen sink treatment, with an executive decision being made by the guys to go with the faster, older take from last year's demo sessions.