Wednesday, 9 December 2009

August 2009

August began with me collecting a church organ from The Colt .45s in Crook, in part payment for the sessions in May. It now sits pride of place in the Libris sitting room, complete with dual layer console, pedals, drum machine and multiple drawbars to affect the tone of the notes. There’s also a Leslie-style speaker inside that rotates to create beautifully rich chorus and tremolo effects. The best payment-in-kind I’ve ever received.

More Shin Jin Rui recording was done, as well as long hours spent mixing the Milky Wimpshake material. My Attorney continued to rehearse on Thursdays and Sundays, sometimes with Ian present, other times just Andy and me working on the song arrangements. I took an entire day in Heaton Perk to organise all my lyrics into filed, alphabetic order. The difference to practices was huge: I could now arrive properly prepared to rehearse any song from our repertoire, making things much more productive.

On the 27th I met with Nathalie Stern to discuss the timetable for mixing and mastering her album, and had a look at the desk she had been using.