Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blue Screem of Death - LP1 sessions - 20/12/09.

Plans are afoot for a BSOD EP launch early next year. A 7" vinyl release with the two different versions of I Want To Die on them, with finished b-sides of Hal and Knives on the flip should make up the tracklisting.

In this session we tracked a live version of Old Salty Seadog, and Andy's drums for Your Cock's Too Big. Luke took special care to remove as many crucial parts of the drum kit as possible before each take, and Andy did an excellent job of reaching across the room mid-take to hit them anyway. I hung a microphone from the ceiling, put one inside the floor tom (which I broke on the first take) with the rest of the mics placed strategically inside the kick drum, except for Luke's whistle mic which was gaffer taped to his guitar, and the one he put inside his coat. A session earlier in the week had seen an RV4 placed inside an acoustic guitar, and a box placed over the head of the backing vocalist during the recording of Painkillers.

The results of such antics have ranged from the sublime, to the downright unlistenable, which in its own Blue Screem way makes it sublime as well. A lot of things got knocked over.