Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tuesday 4th March 2009

First aired as a Steve: From Fragment song, Chino Necker was a frenetic gallop of a thing, lurching about with Brian Magee's depraved guitar lines fighting with The OC-inspired lyrics and Fleming's "about the beat" drumming.

I maintained it was too good a song to leave with S:FF, and pursuaded Andy to commit to tape his much more muted bass version. Again, this was first tracked several years ago as part of a college project, resulting in a very stiff and overly-edited take. The tempo has since come down a few notches, with a single coherent bass line recorded with vocals at the same time.

The idea here is to make it as different as possible to the S:FF version; less a little sister and more of a incestuous cousin, if you will. There is loose talk of beats, "depraved, expensive sounding" synth and "techno influences". I intend the vocal to be very hushed and croaky, with mathematical beats that are all wrong, but still make the cut anyway. The rest is very much up in the air... tonight we tracked a good click version, but Andy wants another swipe at it using Shin Jin Rui's bass amp instead of the DI. Personally, I think the clinical, percussive tone of the bass going straight into the desk may well be the exact sound we're looking for. We'll see.

I still hold out hope that S:FF will regroup for an afternoon sometime in the future and throw down a proper version of this song, in all its spittle-soaked, breathless glory. In the meantime, the upstart continues to take shape.