Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tuesday 5th August 2008

Missed Connection Room continues to take shape. Andy's happy with the guitar parts, so it's now just down to me to do the vocal. In terms of structure and arrangement, I think there's still a few tricks that need to be slotted in there. The danger, as always, is not to swamp the whole thing and keep it sounding fresh.

The last couple of weeks have included gigs by Momus, Lacrosse, and Jose Vanders.

Plans are afoot to purchase a PA system for the Libris war effort.

My Attorney have also been put to work, helping to renovate the Star & Shadow Cinema. Andy did some very tidy work on the skirting boards, and Debbora from the Cuckoo's Nest taught us how to tile things. I managed to paint a wall (and a floor, by accident) "atrociously".