Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday 25th July 2008

Envelopes did a sampler prior to their album release, with fragged bits of unreleased material on it that sounded almost as good as the finished product. So I thought I'd flay a bit of a song Andy and I were writing the other day.

A week of emailing people to do with the Bec launch, as well as seeing the untimely demise of xlrgig005, due to circumstances beyond our control.

The industry is who you know, and I for one don't want to know.

Although Chronicity and The Colt 45s have popped up on the production radar, the eye of Mordor is going to have to swing its way towards My Attorney. Enough is enough is enough.

Received encouraging letter from RHF regarding new Nes stuff. Which reminds me, I must email him a MIDI version of Fade In/Out with that Moog emulator that takes up 4GB of hard disk space doing the notes.