Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Wednesday 9th July 2008

Outstanding recording projects:

Mostly Noise LP - Live recordings from summer 2002, including music from Litmist, Pond and Mellowdramatic. All it needs is the artwork to be finished for the tape cassette j-card (which will be screen shots from the 8mm video documentary) and the cash to pay for it.

This Is Closure LP - This has evolved from being a compilation of music from North Coast bands, into a flagship release of experimental offcuts from each of the Libris acts. Will include previously unreleased material from Nes Gr_Advantage, Grilly & Freinds, Rebecca Jones and Steve: From Fragment. Artwork and audio has largely been completed, again just the financing and time need to be found to make it happen.

Nes Advantage EP - Compiling the best moments of The Banjo Sessions from February's brief recording session.

Adrian Martineau EP - Similarly grouping together the tunes recorded by Adrian and later added to by Jeremy Williams on piano.

Chronicity EP - The current priority. Five tracks have their rhythm parts done, and just need Pete and Kath to do their vocals.

My Attorney LP2 - A bit like the Cistine Chapel ceiling. Twenty five songs and counting. No further comment.