Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Tuesday 8th July 2008

An incomplete resume of current side projects:

iddqd - Grilly/DJ Gallow_Slutt versus DJ IBM PC-COMPATIBLE think tank, that could encapsulate anything from Grilly's new solo work (not to be confused with the new Bruised Pilgrim material he's currently working on) produced by me in a lush Eagles-esque fashion, to a boxes n' light show death match between two bearded men with several xy axes and a delay pedal. Whatever it is, it needs to be extreme, unfathomable, unlistenable and danceable.

Future Loss - A sparse, post-punk kick in the teeth from Patiosounds' bassist Brian Magee; with bags of energy and thin white guitar parts. Although initial plans don't extend towards tracking a couple of songs, I would dearly like this one to evolve into a proper live concern, mainly because I need to play the kind of gigs where I end up on the floor with my head inside something.

Death of a Salesman/Blue Screen of Death - Has the potential to be a brilliant album, if only Luke and I could dedicate the time and energy to it that it so desperately requires. I'm especially keen to grab Luke's voice, which has an aesthetic all to itself, and pair it to the Scott Walker/Liars/John Peel's Festive 50 sound that began as being described as "brown" and is now called "yueah".

Airstrip One - Tapes from the archives show that Ian Courtney tracked the guitar parts for the songs that were played by live in the Newcastle acoutsic scene during 2006. Further delving into the MD8 minidisk collection at Colerabbey Headquarters revealed click track versions of Credits Roll and Follow Me Around. FMAwas intended to be a Band Aid-esque play-a-thon for This Is Closure, with everyone associated with wtss/Libris contributing to the track in some way. Instead, it rusted on the shelves after it became clear that Warner Chappel would have to be approached for the rights to record the song. I'm still very attached to the Airstrip material: they contain some of my favourite melodies, as well as some of the best stuff Ian's ever written, so this deserves to be tidied up and finished.