Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday 11th July 2008

Mixing on headphones, with left lug full of ear wax. I'm putting olive oil in it, but it means I've lost all my high end on that side.

I wanted to get And The Trees Don't Mind into shape, by making the beats more interesting, and injecting some dynamic into the proceedings. I also put some of the finished mix through the Kaoss Pad and fed it back into itself; something I've done when making compilations for people. It's a nice touch sometimes, since the song begins to feed off itself, but I think I'm at risk of repeating the same KP motifs too many times across the board. Time to get some new boxes and learn how to sing again.

Spent the journey home listening to My Attorney's Filler/Release. If done properly it could be a really good b-side, with raw guitar building up and then ebbing away, distant repeated vocals and an organ of some sort in the background. In fact, all the MA songs I'm interested in at the moment appear to be headed for the flip side.