Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Thursday 14th February 2008

Some songs deserve to be recorded live, with cheap gear, mixed on headphones late at night, whilst speeding on coffee and red wine, with all the mistakes left in and the best takes lost to memory. Chino Necker (live) is a Steve: From Fragment creation; designed to scare the dog and rattle the Colerabbey light bulbs. We've never played it the same way twice, and I know that Brian would argue that version 0.9, which was slower and had a Kaoss Pad solo, was more exciting. But by the time the song reached the laptop, we had whittled it down by over a minute, and the Kaoss part had been ditched. The lyrics are culled from bits of dialogue in an episode of The O.C., as well as the commercial break (an Actimel add prompted the "stomach's good bacteria," line). This was take number two, recorded in Portrush during the summer of 2006.