Thursday, 24 January 2008

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

Spent much of today thinking about extraneous matters: Grilly's Familex Treebus, Ryan's discovery of a long-lost tsug track, the tape cassette demos which have piled up on the dictaphone that sits on top of the piano, typing up MA LP2 lyrics on typewriter, so that they're in order, whittled down, actually useful rather than just filling up space.

Our photos of Bec and SJR performing as The Patti Smith Group at Narc's Christmas party are going up on Luke's Facebook. And Royal Treatment Plant are in the process of getting back to us; I suspect we may just get hold of Mushi Mushi or another equally high quality local alternative and be done with it.

Have been avoiding doing some Gx3 stuff; apologies to the band. My car broke down today - preventing an adequate response to their queries. Skip to the end.