Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Tuesday 22nd January 2008

Saw DJ Krush at Koko in Camden on Saturday night. It was this intense fusion of gig and disco, in a burlesque theatre that had been converted into a club. Fantastic energy to the whole thing; people dancing despite their better judgement.

Patiosounds have cancelled their slot at xlrgig002, which is coming up later next month. I'm trying to persuade Royal Treatment Plant to play, but I suspect we may have to end up going for another local act.

Ryan Fleming has sent me a demo of his new material, which has blown my socks off.

SJR release is now slowly grinding into action. Artwork and masters should be ready to go to the printing presses by the end of this week. Luke, Adam and James' work on the sleeve has produced results so vivid and brilliant, that last night I dreamt of the back cover.

Lists of lists of lists; too much intrusion from real life to focus properly on the tasks at hand. I have fleeting moments of real enthusiasm and clarity, when I can see all the pieces of this label/music/recording puzzle click into place... the connections between all of those involved becoming mutually beneficial, all striving for the same artistic goal. But then you have to go and do the dishes for an hour, and you lose your thread. Bah humbug.