Thursday, 11 October 2007

Wednesday 10th October 2007

Thought processes after forty two minutes, in vague chronological order:

1. The dream is over.
2. Weak.
3. Lots of production depth, looking forward to swimming through it.
4. Didn't take me on a journey.
5. Almost fell asleep during House of Cards.
6. Track listing is their worst since Pablo Honey.
7. Very few songs with piano.
8. I wish I hadn't been listening to the live versions for so long.
9. It's been 7 years almost to the day since Kid A. A lot has happened since then. What would the 19 year old of 2000 think of his situation circa 2007?
10. I can't process Radiohead albums. I expect too much. What do I expect?
11. They make albums regardless of what me, or anyone, expects.
12. "Is this one of Dylan's decent ones?" Now their eras and landmarks are merely a sleeve-flick away, all on the same shelf. But we lived through those times inbetween.
13. A flowing, smooth album. Self-cleaning. No need to wipe afterwards. All texture, no bite.
14. Their mood is different, but no edge.
15. I know they have to move on. I never wanted a sequel to Kid A. So I'm glad they did Kid A when the had the chance to.
16. We should give away all the Libris stuff for free.
17. The MA LP2/LP3 tracking is now even more of a big deal that it was.
18. Reckoner. What the fuck?
19. Grilly, Ryan and many other Libris cohorts have the potential to easily surpass the artistic merit of this album with their own material. It sounds bolshy and arrogant, but I honestly think it's true.
20. Where were the songs? Analyse? Down Is The New Up? Spooks?
21. Not that bothered about listening to it again.
22. Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Bjork. Throw another record onto the back catalogue.
23. Of the seven years, how many of them have I actually lived?
24. Videotape needed to kick off at the end.
25. Can't stop thinking about the Liars album.
26. The Eraser was miles better than this - though ask me in a month whether I've changed my mind; because that gestation process - if there is to be any - interests me the most about this record.
27. Like the way I felt after seeing Attack of the Clones... only not quite as bad.