Monday, 8 October 2007

Sunday 7th October 2007

A day of cooking. Death of a Salesman reared its ugly head this evening, and below is what happened. The Eye Jab confirmed their slot for the 23rd November gig so it’s all go on that front, finally. We’ve farmed out the poster art duties to Brian Magee, and are really looking forward to what he comes up with. And there are secret talks afoot about a new Libris venture that we’re still discussing. Luke and I have been enthralled by the week’s developments on the Radiohead LP7 front. Fascinating, terrifying, inspiring. But don’t get me started on the tracklisting. House of Cards should never have made the cut. Andy and I were also relieved to hear that Ian MacKye is still not dead. Have organised clarinet and sax sessions for Rebecca’s recordings at the end of next week.