Monday, 8 October 2007

Friday 5th October 2007

We attended a gig at The Dog And Parrot this evening, and had the pleasure of seeing a definitive performance by local electro-fey poppers Moira Stewart. They are My Attorney's new favourite band. The sound was much better balanced than their gig a few weeks back at the Head of Steam, on account of John Egdell’s clever use of two guitar amps feeding from the one guitar. Irene were a climactic froth of happiness, we cheered until they graced us with an encore, and then danced to their beguiling pop gems like crazy. I was grinning like an idiot; the sight of female backing vocalists clapping enthusiastically always makes me happy. Afterwards, we went to the Caster Sugar Disco which had some brilliant music being played by Debborah, though I spent much of it dancing to it on my own, as everyone else had retired to the free sweets table.