Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wednesday 12th September 2007

A tough day by all accounts: both of us losing hope after recent efforts to plug Aaron McMullan’s record have seemingly fallen on deaf ears, and our distributor being completely uncontactable. Left some strange, surreal messages on the NME’s answer phone. Had a coffee and a meeting in the kitchen where we discussed touring, having bands on the roster, knowing where to play in other UK cities, how selling records at gigs would make us finally feel like a proper, real entity. Breakthrough finally came when we rang John from Fake Indie Label, from a contact provided by Katie (keyboardist in New Vinyls). He was very helpful, and promised to email us all his info on other cities’ scenes. Worked on Chino, cutting up a drum beat from The Girlfriend Experience’s Circumcision demo. It’s a great take from Ed Boucher, but I’ll need to clear the sample with them before getting too involved. Gig at the Head of Steam: the highlight of which was The Pattern Theory, and their incredible glockenspiel-playing drummer. Confirmed a visit by Girls! Girls! Girls! in November – Luke and I are now busy planning a gig for them in town for the 3rd/4th. We therefore ended the day in much higher spirits than we began.