Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tuesday 11th September 2007

Luke and I work on his new Death of a Salesman song Six. It’s got to be the most spontaneous thing I’ve recorded in months, and already it sounds brilliant. Spacey and Liars-esque. Luke adds bass. The beat is made up of mic scrapes, which I especially like, along with Luke’s haunting vocal that is winding its way through stereo delay. Do some work on Someday’s backing vocals. I try putting them through the bass amp but it doesn’t work quite as well as it did for the keys. Strike the back of an acoustic guitar with the glockenspiel mallets as percussion. Nice sound, but doesn’t fit the song. Then drive to Washington to do more recordings with Bec, including a new French Piaf cover, and the definitive version of Monty. Adam lets me hear Shin Jin Rui’s new material, and it sounds tremendous. Impromptu photo shoot with Bec and her amazing makeup. Quote: “Andrew, you’re taking a picture of my knee.” Back home by 3am.