Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Thursday 6th September 2007

hanging out with no doubt
bec is gwen stefani
the rats are the size of cats
the cats are hunting the rats
becs legs stretch across the room
shin jin rui are there
we watch their jools holland show
adam’s talking about his space effects pedal
they’ve turned it into a feature
there is a kraftwerk-sounding track
sjr’s music accompanies footage of a racing video game
big jumps and stock car racing
which turns to netball stilt walking, with scouts
I win
we have to shake left hands with the girls
and line up according to number
all the teachers are dogs in suits standing on their hind legs.

After I had the above dream, I welcomed Bec over to Wallerabbey Studios. Sandwiches in the sunshine. Percussion on Someday as well as picking out a suitable Hammond organ for it, backing vocals on Dragon Fly, electric guitar version of Ne Me Quitte Pas. How I’m going to sort that one out, I don’t know. Problems with the angle grinder man next door, but after we knocked on his garage door and looked at his bio fuel machine, he was happy to oblige us a break in the din.