Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday 13th September 2007

Bec came over this morning, and we reviewed the takes. The ones from the other night are definitive, barring a couple from last year’s session that upon reflection are superior. Baseball Bat and The Optimist’s Song especially. The old takes have ebb and flow. She was closer to them at the time of those sessions. Then picking out a harpsichord. And an entire afternoon of backing vocals on Of You, Somewhere and St. James’ Infirmary Blues Revisited. The latter of which received spectral whispers that I think will be tricky to mix right. Found the definitive take of Fields & Mountains but it has a glitch: I’m determined to fix it. Sarah arrives tomorrow with her cello to work on December’s Burning. I also think Baseball Bat might need her attention too. Strangely exhausted from a day of saying “once more, for the sake of double tracking.”